The Fish Farm

2,000.00 - 5,500.00

The fish farm
Size: 140 X 140 cm
Material : Glas, wood, water basin, transparent textile, elastic bands, nylon rope, acrylic paint and water.
Photographer: Alastair Wiper
Lighting: Viggo Grumme
Originally shown at the Group Exhibition ‘Glass Fantasy’ at Hempel Glasmuseum, Nykøbing, Denmark, 2018
Price is without frame.
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The 3 pieces all focus on the relationship between the body and the spatial installation they are shown in. Water, glass and lighting sets the scene, while the 3 different scenarios unfolds.

Produced on request. Expected lead time one week.

Dressed in sculptural costumes and hats the characters position themselves between large geometrical shapes draped in transparent fabric. The lighting draws graphical lines that are reflected in the surrounding water and glass, composing a floating double universe of a kind.

  • 50 x 50 cm framed
  • 140 x 140 cm framed Sold Out